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Herramientas diagnosticas para Land Rover, Chipre.
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Notapor BBS Guy » 13 Dic 2013, 17:55

I really must apologize for my recent long term absence from this Board.

Those that follow the news will already know and appreciate the many financial problems that we in Cyprus and especially as a Cyprus based company have had to deal with this year that has kept us very busy.

On top of this, i have also had a much more personal and constantly demanding problem to deal with that has required my full attention and has required a very human touch.

Earlier this year we had this dumped outside our home.


This quickly became this


sadly only one of the three pups survived and would have also died if we did not constantly do this.


by some miricle, and with no small effort, my wife and I eventually managed to end up with this


nowadays, poppie, as we call her just wants to share my lunch


And Poppie is certainly never ever very far away from me, even as i post.

We are all pretty glad to have survived this year at all, and as such i write you to tell you all that in celebration we are currently providing a Christmas special during this Month (December 2013) of 20% discount that will automatically be provided on absolutely everything we supply during the check out process of our Web shop.

However, and even more significantly this discount offer also extends to our Nanocom Evolution system to which we have only recently added coverage of CAN BUS vehicles like the Disco 3 / 4 etc

This system is almost certainly the most significant advancencement in diagnostic equipment for Land Rover vehicles there has ever been, and costs only around 400 Euro before discount

Here is a link to a You Tube video of this

I would wish you all a very Merry Christmas

Warmest Regards

Colin Whittall
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