No todo iba a ser bueno.....

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Notapor BBS Guy » 18 Dic 2009, 21:47

Hola all
I apologize my post is in English, but hopefully all those to who it pertains will understand

It is of course very sad that Gelator has had this problem with his new MSV-2 toy, especially at the moment he was most enjoying it.
And naturally we will do everything in our power to rectify his problem as soon as humanly possible and restore his smile and faith. so you can all rest assured that we are going to be really looking after him as we should :abrazos:

Many of you will have now read for the first time a few small examples of what truly amazing capability the MSV-2 really has. And i can but only hope that many will appreciate that such un equaled capability just cannot be achieved with some simple and cheap USB type plug in electronic interface, or else anyone would be able to offer it

The fact that our hardware and software is so advanced is what really makes our equipment stand out so much from any other. In fact many do not appreciate at first that our Vehicle servers are in in fact micro sized PC's with their own bios, and operating system on a Flash type hard drive. Sadly this means that like any PC, its operating system can become corrupted, especially if power is removed or data transfer is otherwise interrupted at just the wrong moment.

Thankfully this does not happen very often and with giving the server nothing more or less than the same respect and understanding that one would naturally give to any regular PC when installing software during any file transfer to it, i very much doubt that it would happen at all.
Colin Whittall
Gerente Blackbox Solutions Ltd.
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Notapor gelator » 24 Dic 2009, 02:51

Hiya Colin!!

I've got my MSV2 back home today...thank you for your fast service and attention :ok:

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