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Notapor rcosta » 29 Oct 2009, 13:08

La idea de comprar el Multi, es después hacer las parametrizaciones en otros coches y cobrar por eso, tal como se hace en UK.

No tengo mucho interés en comprar un aparato y despues solo utilizar una o 2 vezes, pero no me inporta de pagar solo para añadir el 4x4 Info en la pantalla de Sat Nav.

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Notapor BBS Guy » 29 Oct 2009, 21:32

Hola Hombres
I confess that it is difficult for me to follow such threads as this. And for sure time for me is very fully otherwise occupied. :oops:
so i apologise for my apparantly long absence and apparant lack of involvement. Although i am sure after reading this Paul might be grateful :D

I understand that for many private owners, especially comparing our products price to any other new comer, that it might seem expensive and bad that it is locked to your VIN in its cheapest form.

But i assure you that it is the best value for money that you can get, especially in its VIN locked Single Vehicle form.

The plain fact is that our equipment is the most capable and feature rich that there is. There is, to my extensive knowledge and understanding, no other equipment on this planet that offers the capability to change any of the Disco 3 settings or (now also) reprogram any on board ECU with any flash contents available. Let alone offer all the great extra nice usability features our equipment does. And we do cover, not just a small handful, but absolutely all on board systems. We truly are the pioneers and market leader of any and all Land Rover Diagnostic equipment, just as Land Rover are of 4x4's

This naturally costs a huge amount of money to develop, and normally our equipment would naturally be the most expensive that there is. But we want to allow everyone a chance to enjoy what we have developed and for that reason alone we strive to find any innovative means that we can to bring our equipments capability to a low enough price that enthusiasts can enjoy it too. One such way is to provide single vehicle software licences. Or multi vehicle licences for just one model at a vastly reduced price that small groups can share in.

As you have seen in the UK such small groups can and do grow, and i guess the first, especially with a Multi Vehicle system will suddenly find themselves with many new freinds :lol:

As you will know we are colaborador oficial de DiscoTr.es. in both heart and mind and as such we are about to make a very special one time offer that i hope you will all consider.

Thank you for reading and a warmest regards to all
Colin Whittall
Gerente Blackbox Solutions Ltd.
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Notapor Albertsmokes » 29 Oct 2009, 22:06

Hello BBS Guy.

I don`t speak english very well...and i don't understand your post fully.

Your products are very intresting and the price tooo( it's not cheap but no expensive), but in spain don´t like pay for technologic products that we can't see work in person.

I`m watting for a anotherones buy the machine and then go to his hause a see work the FAULMate.

Another problem is all systems is in english, and you can see...WE DON'T speak english. :llorando:

Thank you.


Por favor Paul traducele esto al chico de black box...me he hartado de reir :rofl: :rofl: intentando recordar mi ingles, se podrá comprobar que es malisimo.

La idea es que si alguna vez se pudiera contar con un aparto de esto para hacer una demostracion de todas sus posibilidades quizás se vendería mejor, que viendo videos en internet en el youtube, y que si estuviera traducido pues mejor.

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Notapor BBS Guy » 04 Nov 2009, 20:13

Hola Albert Smokes

Trust me, my spanish is much worse than your english :ok:
un burro construye mi producto
see i told you :rofl:
But trust that from those who have a better command of English, i would not be allowed here if i were really not one of the good guys :ok:

I really do understand the language problem, after all, I already live in a country that speaks only Greek which i do not. But still my best friend here is one that speaks very little to no english at all, and he runs an auto electrial type place and we manage. But i am doing what i can to help. :ok:
Colin Whittall
Gerente Blackbox Solutions Ltd.
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